Eventseeker makes use of the eventseekerBot to crawl websites. You can identify it by checking the user-agent string in the request.

How eventseekerBot accesses your website

On an average, the eventseekerBot only accesses a website once every few seconds. However, delays may cause the rate to be slightly higher sometimes.

In order to maximize efficiency, eventseekerBot has been designed to run on multiple machines simultaneously. Therefore, your logs may show visits from several machines at, all with the user-agent ‘eventseekerBot’. On each visit, we try crawling as many pages as possible so as to not overwhelm your server’s bandwidth.

Blocking eventseekerBot from visiting your site

If you want to block eventseekerBot from accessing confidential or private data, you can do so by employing the use of password-protected server directories. Be aware of the difference between prohibiting eventseekerBot from crawling a page and preventing both users and crawlers from accessing pages.

Verifying eventseekerBot

Before blocking our crawler, beware that other crawlers can spoof the user-agent string used by eventseekerBot. Thus, it is advisable to verify that the request truly comes form eventseeker. Using reverse DNS lookup on the source IP address of the problematic request is one of the best ways to verify this.

Like all respectable web crawlers, eventseekerBot adheres to the directives in robots.txt. If you notice any issues in our crawling, please report it to

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